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BSYW clubs are very popular with children as it's a place where they are free to explore the Bible through stories, crafts, song, dance, drama and games.


ARC Club

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Guardians of Ancora Club

Guardians of Ancora is a world-class tablet game for 8 to 11 year olds offering an amazing virtual world and an immersive interactive experience of Bible stories. It combines the excitement and creativity of a high-spec online game with an immersive experience of Bible content and faith formation. the game is played on a tablet computer and children enter this virtual world as Guardians of the city called Ancora (meaning anchor) and their challenge is to find the Bible stories that have been lost.

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Our Guardians of Ancora clubs run either at lunchtime or after school for between 30-60 minutes. They are limited to 10 children with the possibility of new clubs depending on popularity and team availability. Each child uses a tablet computer and volunteers guide them through the bible stories with fun and engaging activities which run alongside the game.


BSYW is financed by local churches and individuals, there is no charge to schools for our team-run activities.

If you would be interested in BSYW starting a club in your school or would like more information please contact us by clicking below.

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