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75% of children in the UK have never stepped foot inside a church and the only Jesus they may know is a swear word. We can no longer presume that children have heard the stories about Creation, Noah and his ark or Jonah and the whale. 


In our assemblies, clubs, lessons and workshops we tell Bible stories and the parables of Jesus. We talk about Creation and the fall and how because of His love for us, God sent His son Jesus to die on a cross so that everyone on earth can be friends with Him.


We also tell children our story; how we came to faith and what it involves. We tell them that Jesus is with us all the time and that we can talk to Him through prayer. We talk about the times when Jesus has answered our prayers and also about our hope of heaven where we will see Jesus face to face and be with Him forever.


If you could spare 2 hours a week that's one more club in a new school. If you can spare 2 hours a month that's another school assembly which would mean that around 500 more children would hear about God.


There's a place on the BSYW team to suit your availability and your talents and abilities. Don't exclude yourself for any reason, we all have so much to pass on to the younger generation.

If you would like to chat about volunteering with us or if you have any questions, please contact us today by clicking the button below.


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