Pupils take part in Christmas journey

Extract from Evening Gazette  - 14:03 Tuesday 20 December 2016

Children across the Fylde coast got hands-on in a unique travelling performance of the famous tale of Jesus’ birth. Year two pupils from Fylde coast primary schools followed Mary and Joseph during their tireless journey to Bethlehem in a new ‘Christmas journey’ performance by Christian charity Blackpool Schools Youth Work.


The play depicts the birth of Jesus and the meaning behind his miracles according to the Bible. Event co-ordinator Jackie Tracey, of Blackpool Schools Youth Work, said: “It gives the whole picture of the meaning of Christmas. It’s not just about the nativity, but about why Jesus came down to Earth. window.  “The children came along with us and they went through the story and found out about who Jesus spoke to and why.”

Youngsters from Kincraig Primary School, Moor Park Primary School, Royles Brook School and more dressed up as shepherds and wise men with ‘gold’, ‘frankincense’ and ‘myrrh’ as they gathered ‘clues’ to lead them to the stable with Mary and Joseph. Jackie said: “The children were absolutely mesmerised.  They were very engaged in the story and took it all to heart.“They really loved it and the teachers loved it as well. “The children can dress up and actually take part in the scenes and gather clues and watch a puppet show with the animals in the stable.“Not only are they picking up on the story, they are doing it in a fun way and working together. “This is the first time we have done this and it has definitely been a success, and we would love to do it again.”


Alex Kilpatrick, assisstant head teacher at Kincraig Primary School, said: “The children really enjoyed it. They thought it had a good pace to it and it kept them engaged the whole way through. “They did two different stories in the performance and the children enjoyed them both and the way it was acted and portrayed.  “It was 100 per cent a worthwhile experience and we would definitely consider getting them in again.”

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